The First Step, The Most Difficult One

The first step, the most difficult one

Sometimes we feel uncomfortable with ourselves regarding certain aspects of life. We know that there is something we need to improve or that we need to change a situation for a long time, but so far we have not done anything about it. This is why we risk falling into the temptation to give up, get depressed and become a little cynical: “I won’t! Enough. It’s my problem! ”.

The solutions that we never manage to realize sometimes refer to small problems of everyday life: to fix the bedroom or to better control the expenses. At other times, however, they are more complex and involve greater difficulties, such as ending a sick relationship or quitting a frustrating job. Whatever the situation, taking the first step is always the hardest thing.

Below, we offer you a series of tips to find the energy you need to take the first, gigantic, step.

Start the day in a balanced way

Normally we wake up and start worrying about everything we have to do during the day. If we add to this the fact of having the minutes numbered to carry out all our activities, the result will be to start the day with a cloud of worries hovering around us. For this reason, it is important to adopt different habits.

Start the day by taking 60 seconds to breathe deeply, feeling the air entering your lungs and then exhaling it.  Afterward, take four minutes to be grateful for what you have. You have a new day ahead of you, a family, a roof over your head. Finally, focus on everything that you normally overlook, but which is, in fact, a precious treasure. This will take away your worries and get you off to a great start to the day.

Choose something you want to accomplish

Each day should be different from the last in any sense. To increase the feeling, the feeling that you are growing, there is nothing better than doing something that allows you to feel better. Freely choose something that makes your habits routine different. For example, you can say something that you keep pending, dedicate some time to a person you know needs it, learn something new, a word, a new path to reach a certain place, a new flavor. No matter what it is, the important thing is that you feel comfortable with what you choose to say or do and believe it will give something new to your life.

Become aware of your body

Take another five minutes a day to think about your body. Focus on each organ and try to understand how it feels. The stomach, the intestines, the extremities, the heart, the neck, the head… make the effort to identify any difficulties in their functioning and think about the possible causes. Ask yourself if you’ve got enough sleep and are feeling full after eating. Try to sleep and eat well, you deserve it.

When you are sure that you have internalized these three “exercises”, then you are ready. You have managed to create an ideal physical and emotional environment to take the first step you so desire.

Remember that, as Laozi said several centuries ago, “even a journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step.

Image courtesy of Aleix Cortés.

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