The Last Drop Of Meaning That Flows From The Source Of Life

The last drop of meaning that flows from the source of life

In life, there always comes a time when we hit rock bottom, when nothing makes sense anymore and when we feel exhausted, both physically and mentally. There is no more life, nothing makes sense anymore. We have hit the absolute bottom and the pain prevents us from continuing to fight. The source of life has dried up completely.

We all felt lost, exhausted. At a certain moment, our forces abandoned us and we believed we were in the middle of a stormy sea and without any resources at our disposal to calm it. It’s normal, we make hundreds of decisions every day and it’s not strange to make some wrong ones. This happens both with everyday decisions and with those that have a greater weight.

The question is how to get back to the ship of which we are captains. Think about it, just bring all the dots together, so as to form a figure capable of recognizing, from which to start again and thanks to which to rest.

Live your life intensely

woman underwater with roses source of life

It is a principle that governs the lives of many of us. We try to live in the present as much as possible, without risking our future too much, damaging our image of ourselves or hurting others. However, it is difficult and it is in these moments that the meaninglessness of life is felt.

Don’t get carried away by a bad time. It is clear that, at times, time passes before our eyes and we stop really living to become “puppets” who eat, go to work, return home and lock themselves up in a routine that triggers that lack of meaning and purpose in the life that is so scary.

Sometimes, we even lock ourselves into the past to relive the painful memories that keep us from moving forward. Other times, however, we focus so much on the future that we forget to enjoy what we have in the present, because we simply postpone it.

Leave the past and the future aside, take some time for yourself and enjoy every minute as if it were your last. It’s hard, but everything you do in life should be a passion, so live it intensely, make every second make sense.

Dedicate yourself to others

couple embraced source of life

If your life has lost the meaning it had and you want to choose an “easy way”, the first thing you have to do is dedicate yourself to others and share your existence with them. This will teach you to love, respect and value your life. Often, giving blindly removes the fog that makes us feel lost and it is as if, through others, we could reach ourselves, changing the direction of travel in some way.

By protecting the people we love and who love us, we also protect the meaning that our life has. We strengthen our aid network, so when we feel the threat of an impending fall, we won’t sink too far before we receive the help of someone who, with one hand, pulls us back up. It is not just any hand, but a hand that knows us and knows how to grasp us.

You must learn to find and search for what you need, but you must never believe that it is the ultimate solution to that lack of meaning you feel . Love, respect, share, give, but at the same time, be free. Free to find the right meaning in your life.

Enrich your life every day

When we see the years go by and look behind us, sometimes we believe we have wasted the time we had : things we wanted to do and didn’t do, damage born of a misunderstanding that we would have liked to have repaired, to have tried once to too much or not enough …

In the past, we see an empty life, full of experiences that we have never lived out of fear and insecurity. We had dreams, of course we did! But we never managed to make them happen and they remained mere fantasies.

Make sure your life gets the meaning it deserves, so as you reach old age and look back, you will be satisfied with the traces you have left, even if you would have liked to change some details. In this way, you will not regret anything and you will know that you have done everything you would have liked to do.

It is likely that many things are still unfinished, but this is normal! You can’t even do everything, but at least you have done the most important things. Make sure that every day is worth it, that if you want to live certain experiences, you live them without limits and without fear.

drop on a green plant source of life

Your life makes sense, but you have to strive to find it. Don’t think about tomorrow, think about the present day. Leave the past behind and start experiencing everything you’d like to do. It’s time to stop dreaming and start taking action to make your dreams come true.

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