The Mantras Of Love According To Thich Nhat Hanh

Love mantras are affirmations that invoke mutual understanding and support between two people who love each other. They are simple phrases that, however, help strengthen the bond.
The mantras of love according to Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Zen master who has deeply reflected on love. His best known work is True Love. A practice for awakening the heart . This book contains valuable teachings and also presents the mantras of love, which are indispensable for strengthening different emotional relationships.

For Thich Nhat Hanh, love should be a source of joy and not of suffering. However, it is a feeling that requires compromises and promotes personal evolution through them. Love mantras are a way to remember these fundamental covenants of any relationship.

Although love mantras are particularly applicable to couples, they apply to any type of love relationship. They indicate the essence of the loving feeling, where the people involved support each other and accept each other. These are the four mantras that Thich Nhat Hanh proposes.

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The mantras of love

1. I know you are here and that makes me very happy

The first gift we can give to someone we love is to recognize their existence and presence. That is why the first of the mantras of love speaks to us of recognition. It is expressed in two statements. The first: “I know you are here”. It involves letting the other person know that we pay attention to their existence.

The second statement says: “And this makes me very happy”. Therefore, it is not enough to focus attention on the other, but this must be accompanied by a feeling of approval, of satisfaction. It is a way to remind ourselves and the other of the importance of his presence.

Master Thich Nhat Hanh recommends remembering this mantra every day, at least twice. Once for ourselves, without saying it. And one more time to tell that special person we love in our life, because it makes us happy.

2. I am here for you: one of the essential love mantras

The second of the love mantras is the complement of the previous one. It basically means being present in the other person’s life. If you are attentive to another person’s feelings and needs, it is important to let them know through words or attitudes.

There are many ways to say “I’m here for you”. Every gesture and every action that indicates support and respect is a way of expressing it. This implies that we know the other person well enough to identify the moments when they need our presence.

It also implies that we reciprocate their gestures and words. We value what he / she gives us. Likewise, it is always good to say it in words at the right time. If a loved one says “I am here”, many worries and burdens end up being lightened.

3. I know you are in pain and you can count on me

In the language of love it is very important to let the other know that we are not alone when all is well. It is also necessary that we develop enough sensitivity to detect the suffering in those we love.

Just the fact that another person notices that we are suffering is a great contribution. Recognizing that discomfort is a way of validating what we feel and express respect for it. Hence, it is a way of reaffirming the other person’s being.

No one has an obligation to take responsibility for another’s suffering, but they can offer listening, understanding, and a word of encouragement. It is not always easy to understand the reasons for the suffering of the other, but it is enough to be there and not to doubt.

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4. The mantras of love: I am in pain and need help

Master Thich Nhat Hanh points out that this is the most difficult of all love mantras. It means overcoming pride and fear. It also means not being carried away by false autonomy and being able to trust others when we need it.

No matter how well someone knows us, they will not always be able to understand that we are suffering. Nor is it possible that they are always able to know the extent of that suffering. Expressing it is a way to facilitate understanding and understanding. This mantra announces that we are in a particular situation and that we need the support of the other.

In this case it is better to express it in words, otherwise it can lend itself to misunderstandings. Much better if the person is able to express how the other person can help. In this way, the discomfort or reason for suffering is limited and this prevents it from spreading and contaminating the bond of love.

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