The Most Beautiful Love Phrases In Literature

Love is perhaps the most present feeling in literature and poetry. Here are some unforgettable love phrases written by the greatest authors of all time.
The most beautiful love phrases in literature

Many love phrases in literature are unforgettable. And how could it be otherwise: literature has always been the spokesperson for disillusionment, pain, the most beautiful stories of love and abandonment. Love and poetry are indissoluble. A selection of the most beautiful love phrases is certainly arbitrary and personal.

For this article we have chosen five, but it is good to point out that there are many others that deserve to be part of this list.

All these phrases are able to express the essential meanings of an eternal and universal feeling. The most beautiful love phrases in literature try to describe a feeling that is difficult to fully understand . Here are some of them.

The 5 most beautiful love phrases

1. Tolstoy

Lev Tolstoy gave us one of the most beautiful love phrases in literature. He talks about the essence of this feeling by saying: “He who has known only his wife and has loved her knows women more than he who has known a thousand”.

The phrase emphasizes that the knowledge of love is not measured by the number of lovers, but by the intensity of a relationship. In short, true love is not discovered by living dozens of experiences, but by dedicating body and soul to an important relationship.

Female character representing love phrases in literature.

2. Love and divinity

Jorge Luis Borges wrote this beautiful sentence about love: “To fall in love is to give life to a religion whose god is fallible”. How to blame him: there are loves that become a real religion, that come close to a sacred feeling, that make us venerate those we love.

However, as Borges points out, in that case a fallacious God is worshiped. It is not a being from beyond, but a human being.

Unlike a religious God, this false god can be wrong. It is worth remembering that Borges, in this case, is about falling in love and not about the love that grows beyond this first phase of the relationship.

3. The most beautiful love phrases: only crazy people know love

One of the most beautiful love phrases in literature was written by Julio Cortázar. It says: “In matters of love, the mad are those who know the most. Do not ask for love from the intelligent, they love intelligently, which is like never having loved


The phrase emphasizes that reason is an obstacle in love. If you think too much, it is impossible to love. Calculus and logic have no place in love. Therefore, only those who let go really know what it is. Those who intend to adopt a logic will never know what true love is.

Jacinto Benavente.

4. The most beautiful love phrases: I love you despite everything

Being reciprocated by someone we love is, without a doubt, one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. Loving always brings happiness, but only when the feeling is fully reciprocated, the satisfaction is indescribable, more than wonderful.

Because? Victor Hugo says it with this sentence: The supreme happiness of life is  to be loved  for  what  it  is  you or, rather, to be loved in spite of what you are.” When another person truly loves us, he forgives us for our faults and failures: it is a way to save us from ourselves.

Couple on a meadow.

5. True love

If we talk about the most beautiful love phrases in literature, we cannot fail to mention Antonio Gala: True love is not self-love, it is what makes the lover open to other people and to life; it does not besiege, it does not isolate, it does not refuse, it does not persecute: it simply accepts ”.

In this beautiful sentence Gala speaks of love as a force that gives life, not that takes it away. It is an active power that is reflected in the well-being of the other, pulling the loved one out of his shell and offering him the possibility to open up to the world. But above all, accepting it as it is.


The most beautiful love phrases in literature must, above all, be an occasion for reflection. After all, it is impossible to describe love in words.

However, some sentences manage to touch the heart, showing us in a poetic way that this feeling is the most beautiful that can exist.

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