The Negative Thoughts We Feed Unaware

Sometimes we feed negative thoughts unconsciously. They are thoughts that can hurt so today we will give you the key to recognize and reject them.
Negative thoughts that we feed unaware

The negative thoughts that we feed unaware can become our worst enemies, block the process of personal growth and instill in us a constant feeling of discomfort.

Our opinion of ourselves, the world or others is more important than we believe. It is what determines our daily life and the conception we have of life, influencing how we feel. For this, it becomes essential to identify the negative thoughts that we feed unknowingly.

Succeeding is not always easy, as we are used to following pre-established and almost automatic, unconscious thought patterns. Most of the time, we don’t even realize what we think or say.

The list of 3 negative thoughts that we propose today can help you unmask these thoughts, at least in part. It will help you reflect on the subject and understand yourself and others better. You are ready?

Sad girl at the window chases away unwitting negative thoughts.

3 negative thoughts that we unknowingly feed

1. I’m not up to it

One of the most common insecurities is thinking that you are not up to par. Have you also felt that you are not good enough or capable in one or more aspects?

In today’s society, more and more people are affected by an inferiority complex that leads them to the belief that they cannot reach the set goals. However, the tendency to underestimate oneself is only the result of a chain of negative thoughts.

Why do we feel we are not good enough? According to some experts, it has a lot to do with the information society. We live in a way that is perpetually connected to the internet, where it is all too easy to know what others are doing at any given moment and what is happening anywhere in the world.

Day after day we witness the journeys of others, we peek at what they eat, we see them reach goals and show themselves happy in their posts. This type of information, mostly filtered, negatively affects us by stimulating the bad habit of making comparisons, both towards our friends and the influencers successful people of our society. The question is: what is the point of all this?

Comparisons are a mostly senseless practice, considering that each of us has our own background, a way of being our own and a personal story. We forget that it is impossible to make comparisons on equal terms, and we often let ourselves be overwhelmed by the result. Most of the time, to our detriment.

2. Bad luck haunts me

Another negative thought we are addicted to is that we believe we are always the most unfortunate.

This thought can conflict with the previous one. Those who think they are not up to par, probably consider themselves inferior, less valid; however, by attributing the problem to bad luck, does he not consider himself special compared to others?

Maybe that’s not your case, but more often than not, blaming bad luck is just a way to find a quick and obvious excuse for our problems.

By doing so, we avoid taking responsibility for what happens to us in life. For this, it is much healthier and more functional to forget about fate and work on controlling ourselves to achieve what we aspire to.

Sad girl against the wall.

3. Everything will go wrong with negative thoughts

For some people it is normal to believe that everything will always go wrong. This thought, however, only fuels fear and binds our hands, preventing us from pursuing our goals due to insecurity and lack of confidence.

The truth is, in most cases, the consequences will not be as dire as we think . Thinking coldly, the doomsday scenarios that sometimes worry us have very little chance of happening. We are just too good at telling fairy tales.

In general, when things don’t go as expected, the worst that can happen is to feel bad for a while… but then, in all likelihood, we’ll try again.

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to go to great lengths to prevent fear from paralyzing you. Think about the most likely thing that could happen if you go in search of your dream. Most of the time you will find that the benefits far outweigh the possible risks.

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