The Power Of The Mind: Let’s Learn NLP Techniques

The power of the mind: we learn the techniques of NLP

What is NLP?

We cannot speak of Neuro Linguistic Programming as a science, since several criticisms have been raised with respect to this topic. However, it is considered as a model, that is, a set of techniques and theories aimed at understanding behaviors and orienting the human being towards self-knowledge and the achievement of one’s goals.

Let’s analyze specifically the NLP acronym

On the one hand we have the word “programming”, which alludes to the intention to reprogram psychological behaviors, beliefs and processes. “Neuro” instead makes us think of the concept that all these neurological processes are expressed through a specific verbal and bodily language.

This “psychological model” has as its initial objective to understand our internal processes and then, subsequently, to reprogram the way we communicate and express ourselves in order to change our beliefs and make us feel safe to achieve personal success. We know it’s complicated to understand. We try to explain to you in this article, briefly, other aspects of NLP.

What are the principles of NLP?

1. Communication

NLP tells us that the way we communicate and the words we use delimit our reality and our way of understanding the world, a personal perspective that sometimes does not coincide with that of our interlocutor. In addition to this, people have 2 other types of communication: the internal one (what we think and feel deep down) and the external one (which in addition to the use of the words we express aloud, includes the gestures, posture and movements of the body).

2. The way we process information

People differ in their way of capturing information. There are people who rely more on the visual aspect of things, others on the auditory one and still others on the sensations… Think about this idea for a moment: how do you remember things, with words or images?

3. The anchor

One way to achieve goals or overcome certain problems would be based on the concept already used by the psychology of conduct. Imagine a situation that causes you particular suffering and anxiety, such as speaking in public. One way to deal with this problem would be to anchor yourself to a pleasant, relaxing and positive moment that we remember well and associate it through visualization and breathing techniques with the stressful situation. A walk on the beach as a child, the sunset seen with your partner, a relaxing melody … all this can help you to ease that fear and to reprogram a new reality where harmony reigns.

4. Time

Time has a different importance for each person, but it must be able to be managed properly: in the past our memories and emotions are agglomerated, a trunk from which we can often take good things to improve the present. Because it is in the present that our sensory experiences occur, in which the truly important events take place and in which we must use all our strength and efforts to have a good future. The future does not yet exist, so it must be seen as a point to reach and in which to place our desires, in order to live and act in the best way in the present.

5. Ecology of systems

People possess a system of certain beliefs and values ​​built during life that are our engine and that guide our psychological axis. “We are what we believe”, and beliefs are the conceptions of our world, what makes us act and behave in one way rather than another. Sometimes these beliefs are so ingrained in our being that we don’t even realize if they are good or bad … they could harm us without us realizing it. This is why NLP penetrates our ecology of systems to make us become aware and reorganize these structures in a more beneficial and ideal way.

These are, broadly speaking, the pillars on which NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, is based, for which the most important thing is our way of organizing information: sensations, language, time, words, memories. , beliefs … these are the aspects that shape our life. It is enough to vary or have a distinct approach with these parts listed above to direct our life towards certain goals.   

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