The Road To Success And SWOT Analysis

Would you like to analyze every aspect of your personality to improve it and know the way to success? Here are some tools, read on.
The road to success and SWOT analysis

What would happen if we couldn’t remember the way to success? It would be very difficult to repeat the strategies to triumph, we would forget the constancy that made us go far and above all we would lose the power to know that it was we, with our efforts, who made it. For this, it is essential to analyze our personality and to know and / or remember the way to success .

How did I get here? It is certainly not easy to recognize what we should improve about our personality, that is, those characteristics that we do not like or hinder us. But what if they asked you  what is the characteristic that makes you stronger, special and makes you yourself? Try to answer this question and see if it is easier for you to point out your weaknesses.

It is important to remember the road to success because so we can understand what characteristics define us when we face new challenges, we can see what we have failed in and work on it for the next few times, we can ask again for help from those who gave us a hand in a moment difficult and knowing how to trust ourselves. If I did it once, why not twice?

Bare feet

SWOT, a valuable tool to chart the way to success

SWOT analysis is a tool that allows you to analyze reality on an objective level, considering internal and external aspects and enhancing the strengths and weaknesses in each of them. Initially, this strategy was created for companies and entrepreneurs to be able to analyze the market and its jobs effectively. But why not analyze our personality and our abilities in the same way?

This technique gets its name from its four components: weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities. The weaknesses and strengths are made up of the internal factors of each of us, while the other two components of external factors. Let’s analyze each of these points better.

  • Weaknesses:  they refer to the internal aspects of the person that require more work, which we consider a source of stress or problems, aspects that we want to improve. In short, the barriers that we must overcome and break down. An example of weaknesses related to the characteristics of a person, therefore internal, could be: lack of will, little tolerance to frustration, inability to speak in public, etc.
  • Threats: in this section we refer to those external factors that affect our personality, our environment or our development and which represent a danger. We must evaluate them and take them into consideration when we acquire resources (opportunities) that allow us to face them. For example, if we have to speak in public and we know we are having difficulties, we can better prepare the presentation.
  • Strengths:  this part requires introspection to analyze and be aware of our strengths, why I can be special, what makes me different from everyone. For example, creativity when we have to find a solution will allow us to find new forms that challenge our will less.
  • Opportunities:  in this last point we analyze those external aspects that we can use to improve strengths or work on weaknesses. That is to say, those resources that we can exploit to improve personal construction. Examples: sign up for courses in public speaking techniques, buy a DVD with physical activity exercises to do at home, choose a suitable balanced diet, etc.
Swot analysis to chart the way to success

Good analysis makes us strong

SWOT analysis has proven effective in practice. As we have seen, it can be applied at the corporate level, but it is no less effective when on a personal basis to put our agenda in order. It is also a tool that we can apply partially or thoroughly at different levels in each box. In other words,  we are free to be creative and adapt it to our needs. 

This technique makes us strong in defining our characteristics, both strengths and weaknesses, whether we like them or not. Knowing who we are, who we would like to be and the means at our disposal, we will be in a position to tackle a challenging task: charting the path to success, that path that will lead us to where we want, the way we want.

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