They Won’t Treat You Like This Again

They won't treat you like that again

Although we say “do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you”, we never stop to think about whether we are willing to accept what others do to us.

It sounds like a play on words, but basically what you need to know is what others can do to cause you pain. They won’t always do it intentionally, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to go through that bad time.

Personal relationships are by no means simple. We are talking about couples, parents, colleagues, friends, siblings and even strangers. Nowadays it is very easy to find “toxic” people who drain strength and energy. Therefore, pay attention to these tips to prevent others from hurting you.

In addition to improving your relationships, you will feel much better about yourself. Defend your rights by not allowing:

– The meaningless discussions. People like to argue and argue, this is well established, but this does not mean that you have to accept it and take part in discussions and arguments, especially if they lead nowhere. Don’t try to explain all the time, remember that your friends don’t need it, and your enemies don’t.

People may or may not understand, that is up to them. For this reason, do not waste your precious time (or that of others) delving into issues that are of no importance or that can lead to worse problems. When you realize that a conversation or a doubt leads nowhere, it will be better to put a stop to it intelligently.

– The negativity. As mentioned before, there are pessimistic people in the world who are always looking for the negative side of things and who are never happy. It is up to you to look at the glass half full or half empty in any situation. What’s more, these negative people don’t help you make your dreams come true, they hold back your goals. Pessimism is contagious and drains your energy.

– Comparisons. Is there anything in the world more annoying than comparisons? Yes, get carried away by them. It is useless to compare what others have because each person is a world of its own. The only person you are allowed to compare yourself with is yourself in past times, because basically you just have to struggle to overcome yourself. Don’t allow others to test you.


– The intimidation. People who intimidate you with words, gestures or actions are not good company. These individuals will want to use their mental, emotional, or even physical power to bring out the best in you and then strip you of your strengths. Nobody has the right to make you feel less. Stand up for what belongs to you, don’t let others trample you to scale for success, no matter what technique they use.

– The grudge. It is not worth carrying or accumulating this feeling in the heart. The life energy you have every day should be used for more productive and positive things. Remember that it is better to apologize, forgive, and turn the page than it is to stay with painful feelings, live in the past and be proud.

– The memory of the past. Actually the problem with the past is that you grasp it and cannot move forward. Many people may use your past mistakes to poison your present, to make you feel miserable, and so on.

Life is short, don’t cling to the past, go ahead, continue on your path. Do not deny even what you have done, do not repent. Learn to use those events as teachings so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

– The obstacles to being happy. Nobody deserves to be as happy as you are. Remember this sentence and brand it if necessary. It doesn’t matter what others say or think about you. No one can judge you or throw in your face what he has done more than you. Happiness can be ephemeral or eternal, it depends on your attitude.

Appreciate everything you have, do not allow envy or “negative influences” to sadden you even for a single day of your life. No one is important enough to alter your good mood and happiness!

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