Time And A Pair Of Shoes For Every Disappointment

Time and a pair of shoes for every disappointment

It’s not bad that it can’t be cured thanks to time and a pair of shoes. Because every mishap, disappointment or bitterness is not resolved by waiting and remaining trapped in the black hole that has been created, the one that sooner or later will eventually explode.

The pains are alleviated by walking, turning the page and walking away thanks to a wonderful shoe: self-love.

William Gibson, renowned fantasy writer, always said that time moves in one direction, forward, but people are often sad prisoners of their memory,  therefore of that past in which nothing new happens, which smells of apathy, of deadline and lost opportunities that envelop everything.

However, it is not as easy as it seems, because those who are hurt do not move forward, they remain trapped in the cage of anger, between the roots of bitterness and with the veil of resentment that encloses them in a parallel dimension, in which it does not matter if they pass three either six months or a year.

It is good to remember, however, that time in itself does not cure anything, it is the actions that we carry out during that time that make us heal.   

The gods of time: Kronos, Kairos and Aion

When a person goes through a complex personal moment, whether it is a loss or another unpleasant event, they almost always end up thinking that grief will reduce pain, allay doubts and forcefully center emotions again. However, this formula does not always work, because anyone who believes that the god of time passes over us to cancel the pains in an act of great altruism, are wrong.

We must remember that, in reality, there is not just one god of time, but three. Kronos is the best known. It represents the external and uniform time, with its past, its future, what we can measure by observing the movement of the stars and concentrating on the ticking of the hands. On the other hand, Aion symbolizes the duration of life itself, a vital past made up of various cycles. 

However, the deity that really interests us psychologically and to grow up is the young god Kairos. It intervenes between the two previous divinities and represents the opportunity, invites us to live the here and now, reminding us that we all have certain strengths, defects, abilities and values ​​and that, although we are always the same, we will never be the same: because we are obligated to move forward, to heal and to accept each new teaching.

Day after day, we will have to learn to conceive time correctly, integrally and therapeutically. It is just a matter of understanding that Kronos and Kairos always go hand in hand, time and opportunities for healing and growth occur periodically and you need to know how to exploit them. 

The coral off the coast of Florida is a clear example of this. Its only opportunity to grow and restrain, thus, its extinction occurs seven days after the August full moon: it is then that it begins to reproduce, just after sunset. A magical and unrepeatable moment, a moment in which the real opportunity arises.

My shoes will lead me where my mind decides

Overcoming a grief or a complicated phase  requires an active attitude, an attentive look and the clear will to move forward,  to continue growing like that coral that struggles every year not to become extinct.

We must also remember that to overcome the fear and bitterness that anchor us like ancient boats that turn into ghosts of the ocean, we need to know where our shoes are. Those with resistant soles, those made of self-love, dignity and renewed ambitions that act strongly to make us overcome any obstacle, cross bridges, climb mountains and avoid all the stones that often slow down our path.

In conclusion, do not hesitate and make time your best incentive to change ; make it that breath that will allow you to grow by taking advantage of every opportunity while your feet, your attitude and your smile with no expiration date will take you where you propose yourself and where you deserve to go. Where the most beautiful coral grows.  

Images courtesy of Lucy Campbell

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