Tips For Keeping Stress Under Control

Tips for keeping stress under control

Stress is one of our worst enemies. Do you also suffer from it? You may be stressed out because you have too many things to do or because you have too much free time. Extremes are never positive.

In both cases, you must use tools and resources to eliminate stress and achieve the necessary stability to allow you to carry on with your daily activities. Stress causes or accelerates many diseases, which is why it is important to keep it under control.

There are some simple things you can do that will help you master this “evil” that often takes over you.

Use a diary or diary

Nowadays it is very easy to get an interactive agenda. Your phone will likely have a calendar where you can write down all of your most important tasks. If not, simply download an application and install it. These calendars are great because they notify you half an hour before (or at the time you have set) that the scheduled task starts.

This first step is one of the most important because stress often arises from a lack of control. How many times has it happened to you to start an activity in the morning and to finish it only in the late afternoon because in the meantime you started doing other things ?

It is essential to write down everything you have to do, even the simplest things, in this way you will avoid, for example, arriving home without having done the shopping. If you know what to do most of the time, then you will avoid the stress of making decisions .

Take breaks to rest your mind

Usually most of us think that working hours are a good indicator of our productivity. Reality is not that simple and our concentration has limits. If we get over them, we start making mistakes and, worst of all, our mood probably gets worse. A good idea for this not to happen is to take 10 minutes off every 50 minutes of work.

We must try to think of something else. If you can’t solve a problem or don’t have enough time, leave it alone for a moment. Surely, when you think of something different and you are distracted, the solution will come to your mind. It’s a good thing to distance yourself and allow your mind to get distracted and then see things from another point of view.

To chill out

Make music your best company

Music can be of great help if you know how to use it. There are types of music that help relax the mind, while others promote concentration and attention . 

Although there are general rules that suggest the type of music to listen to depending on the moment, the best thing is to try because each individual reacts differently. For example, the music that you need to release accumulated tension will be useful to others for other purposes.

If you want to listen to music while you are working, it is best to use it, at least at the beginning, during more systematic activities. The more complex activities, in fact, require a great deal of concentration and, with a few rare exceptions, music can be a distraction.

Finally, you all know the influence of music on the mood. Thus, you can use it in a way that it affects your mood directly and indirectly on stress.

Do an activity you enjoy

Now that you have organized and written down the main things, that you have got rid of your worries and that the music has done its job, you need to alternate the compulsory activities and responsibilities with an activity that you enjoy.

Remember that your time is valuable and for this reason it is not necessary to run after it. The activities you enjoy allow you to breathe and connect with yourself.

Don’t forget from time to time to improvise or take part in an activity that you don’t know when you will finish. You are in control, but this does not mean that you are machines repressing their desires or that you have to be condemned to a framed and spartan life.

Put the routine aside

Make sure that reality adapts to generate in you the feeling of greatest well-being possible. You need to know that there are people who feel comfortable in a routine, others don’t. Get to know each other and do not deprive yourself of establishing your own level of routine according to your needs.

Routine doesn’t have to make you feel trapped, but you don’t have to find yourself in a temporal chaos that will only cause you discomfort.

Ultimately, behaving intelligently when it comes to organizing or not organizing your time will decrease the chances that chronic or acute stress, along with its inevitable consequences, will appear.

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