We Are A Balloon Of Emotions In A World Of Pins

We are a balloon of emotions in a world of pins

Is simple. We are a balloon full of emotions in a world full of pins. We are talking about you, about everything that excites you and that you live with feelings always on alert. It is what characterizes you; you are distinguished by your sensitivity.

But those who are so wonderfully emotional have a price to pay. Your anxieties, your emotions and your way of thinking give you no respite. I am always with you, in the good times and also in the bad ones.

And then there are the pins, which make your balloon pop and disperse the emotions. They do not know that your skin is fragile and that, if they get close, they will cause an explosion, an irreparable break.

You try to contain the emotions in the air, but you don’t always succeed, only a few times. You find yourself with some emotions in your hands, while others are dispersed to the ground.

Little girl-balloon

When this happens, you have to blow up another balloon, this time a little more resistant. You know that sooner or later another pin will come and the balloon will burst again. That pin, however, will have to get a little closer to you.

“I’ll put my balloon inside another balloon. I will be more protected ”, you think. And here you end up covering yourself with layer upon layer to protect yourself from the outside world. As if you were an onion.

“The pin that wants to get to my emotions will have to make a good effort. I will not allow him to hurt me again ”. But it is not so rare or so difficult that the pin is able to break down all your barriers.

And it starts again. Collect the emotions, very carefully, buy more balloons of better quality to protect your feelings.

This time you will color the balloons in different colors and write a few words for everyone to read:

# 1 – I’m always fine, nothing is wrong

Denying feelings is one of the most common balloons. This prevents you from realizing what is happening and, of course, from dealing with it.

If you are unable to describe moments in your life in detail, you have probably stopped thinking about everyday life. Obviously this has dire consequences. If you don’t learn from your experiences, you will make more and more mistakes and you won’t recognize yourself in your actions.

Hot air balloons

# 2 – I don’t need a hug

Another balloon denies contact. It is one of the darkest because it distances you from the real world, so as to refuse the possibility of getting in touch with others and sharing moments of life.

Frida Kahlo said that building walls around our feelings means running the risk that they will devour us from the inside. You want to be loved, but without showing yourself fragile, without opening your heart. There are hugs that can put your pieces back together, but you have to be hugged.


# 3 – I can do anything

The reality is that moving around in armor is complicated and limits freedom. Eventually you have blown up so many balloons that you no longer know how to stay in the air and relax.

This attitude is likely to fuel the illusion of control over your emotions, but it is a utopia. Something painful has happened and the fear of suffering makes you hide your true reality.


# 4 – It’s my character, that’s how I am

Okay, you are as you are and you defend your right to be, but are you talking about yourself or your armor? Chances are you are wearing a mask so that no one knows what’s inside of you.

This balloon will protect you from so many pins. While it may make it easier for you to fly in some complicated situations, at other times it will be a heavy burden. This situation, instead of minimizing the suffering, will make it worse.


You protect yourself from who you think you are with barrier balloons. One day, however, you will be trapped in all these balloons, you will not be able to get out and breathe.

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