We Are Just Passing Moments

We are only passing moments

We are moments, fleeting moments and succession of memories. We are time travelers, in a fraction of the world where we establish our lives, believing they will last forever. But we are fleeting, like footprints in the sand that are instantly erased. However, we think we are concrete.

We work hard to give importance only to what hurts us and we complain about what we don’t have, forgetting what we do have. We allow time to escape our control, without thinking that nothing is eternal,  neither what we love nor what hurts us, because we are nothing more than a succession of moments, of fleeting moments.   

We want everything immediately, we don’t even give ourselves time to breathe; everything is fast, everything passes and nothing is fully enjoyed. In the world of fast food, flash dates and busy hours, we have lost the value of time, caring more for suffering than for the pleasure of the little things that life offers us.

We are crazy not enjoying the moment

We are crazy not enjoying the moment. We prefer to go in a hurry, looking down, rather than enjoying the place where we are. We prefer to run to get to a certain place, rather than walking and breathing what surrounds us. We prefer to let time slip through our hands rather than hold on to it with force, to live it without fear.   

We want everything quickly, because there is always something more important, something that goes beyond enjoying the present and, thus, we forget to make the most of what we have,  because we never stop long enough to realize it. We live locked in a time tunnel, a dark tunnel, with only one light at the bottom, which prevents us from seeing what surrounds us and which drives us blind towards an uncertain future.

We are moments that we live as if they were eternal. We are moments that are not enjoying their surroundings now, in this moment. We act as if we still have time to enjoy the beautiful when, in reality, we are missing it.  

We are “masochists” imprisoned in suffering

When something hurts us, however, we are “masochists” imprisoned in suffering. We wallow in pain and embrace grievances as if there was nothing in the world but our problems. We blind ourselves to the pain and stop seeing what’s out there.

We dig through our wounds, slowly, without looking for a solution. Our conversations become more monotonous every day, because we stop the clock only on what causes us pain. We are a moment less every time we suffer, then we believe ourselves to be eternal and we become harmful.


In this black hole made of suffering, in which we pleasantly live immersed, we let ourselves be blinded by the light which, instead, would allow us to solve our problems, because we are not able to do anything else, only to escape from what makes us feel good. We always forget that we are instant, we forget that pain is fleeting.  

If we are instant, let’s live them without fear

For this reason, it is better not to forget to be instant, it is good to live them without fear. We choose how to spend these moments. We can say that the glass is half full or half empty, both statements are true, but the optimistic perspective is what allows us to enjoy life.

We must be aware that everything passes, everything changes and nothing is immutable. We can decide how to live our situations, both positive and negative ones. We can enjoy every present moment without letting it escape and we can escape suffering without it imprisoning us, accepting both realities equally.

You decide how to spend each moment, how to paint a memory and how to accept each moment. It is you who live your life and shape your present. Only you can decide whether to savor every step of your journey or to cling strongly to your fears, forgetting to enjoy the present.

Only you can avoid wishing more time to do what you did not do when your end comes. We cannot add more ticks to the clock, the moments pass and you have to decide whether to make the most of them or to let them flow. Every second counts: live and don’t look back if you don’t want to regret it.

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