We Are More Informed, But Less Intelligent

The amount of information we have at our fingertips is immense. We can easily find some on any subject. A flood that, precisely because of the noise it generates, in many cases makes us less intelligent and more vulnerable to manipulation.
We are more informed, but less intelligent

One of the great transformations brought about by the technological revolution is access to more information, which has given rise to the so-called knowledge society. The downside is that a large part of society has not enriched itself with these advances, on the contrary, it is demonstrating a real deterioration of cognitive mechanisms. Today we are more informed, but we have lost intelligence.

Living in the age of information and knowledge does not mean knowing how to manage a computer or a smart phone. When there is no intelligence that can manage these devices, then it is the devices that manage people’s intelligence. Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often.

The worst part is that since we now have more information at our fingertips, many people are convinced that they are better informed. Or they think that to know a topic it is enough to consult the internet and repeat what they find. Beyond that, many people don’t care about the reliability of sources.

Donna writes to the pc

We are better informed: the world of the internet

The Internet is not just an information and communication network, it has rather transformed itself into a mass medium. This world overflows with irrelevant information and is continually bombarded with users. The volume of data is so high that distinguishing or selecting them seems like an impossible task. Precisely for this reason, information is accepted as it is.

Virtually any nonsense can be backed up by information from the internet. If you search for “the devil exists”, you will find at least 15,000 results in “support” – so, in quotes – of this hypothesis. For everything there is a research study, a proof, even if the latter are without any foundation whatsoever.

Gradually the Internet has become a space for distraction, rather than one for information. The information, in turn, is no longer filtered by the validity that once prevailed. We are more informed now, but the worrying aspect is that much of this information is unsubstantiated and is only meant to distract.

Information, knowledge and wisdom

Information is made up of data and represents the basis on which true knowledge is built. However, when the volume of information increases at the expense of quality, this mechanism breaks down or is distorted. Useless data leads to useless knowledge and, of course, inconsistent knowledge. This is exactly what has happened in large segments of society.

Precisely for this reason, wisdom is increasingly diminishing in the contemporary world. The latter is made up of conscience and ethics, based on knowledge and relevant information. Wisdom is not built when there is more information, but when it is analyzed, it leads to deep knowledge and allows us to understand the essence of things.

Today there is a superficial approach to different realities. The mind scans quickly, and with little criticism, anything. We have become accustomed to carrying out ten activities at the same time, we have forgotten what we have learned and let others do an analysis for us, organizing, for example, our scale of values.

We are more informed and know little

We are more informed and less intelligent

Based on what has just been said, we can say that today the volume of information has increased, but also that we are somehow less intelligent. And this is largely due to the attitude fueled by the virtual world. Patience has become a rare virtue, while time and patience are needed to reflect and clarify one’s ideas. No knowledge worked out in a hurry can bring wisdom.

The essays focus their gaze on the puzzles and do not try to solve them by finding the answers on Wikipedia , but by observing, analyzing and reflecting. Most people do not try to delve into the labyrinths of great mysteries and great questions, but rather try to find the recipe, the applicable formula, the list of steps or the exact figure.

For many it is no longer important to become aware of ourselves and the world. They are always busy, even when they sleep. They do not need to think, but to say and act, although whatever they say or do does not have the slightest importance and is just a way to waste time, to waste life.

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