What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Travel Companion?

What are the characteristics of a good travel companion?

Traveling is always a wonderful experience. Alone or with a travel companion, with a lot or little money, near or far. Traveling means breaking the routine and looking out for something new. It is like tuning the heart in “adventure mode”, which is always very stimulating and has multiple benefits.

However, it would certainly be nicer to be able to  share the journey with someone. A travel companion multiplies the possibilities for fun and offers us the opportunity to share our impressions and discoveries in real time.

The point is that not all people  guarantee a pleasant journey. Some travel companions, in fact, can turn into a nightmare and ruin what could be fantastic moments. Others, on the other hand, enrich our experience. So what are the characteristics that identify a good travel companion? Below we will highlight five.

Characteristics of a good travel companion


The word “companion” implicitly already includes in itself the concept of solidarity. To accompany means to be there for the other. Establish a certain empathy  and be sensitive to his way of being and acting. Being willing to help him if he needs it, regardless of self-interest and doing it with pleasure.

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A supportive companion makes any trip much more enjoyable. It increases our self-confidence by pushing us to venture out to discover new things and is a valuable resource in the presence of any difficulties that arise. Conversely, a selfish travel companion will deprive our experience of numerous anecdotes, making it worse.

Flexibility and independence 

Going to an unknown place or, in any case, not very usual, exposes us to unexpected events. For example, we had planned to go to the beach, but the sky is cloudy, shortly after it starts raining without any indication of respite. We find ourselves having to change our plans. Sometimes it can also happen that you find something more interesting to do, which we may not have thought of. If our travel companion is not flexible, conflicts will likely arise in these times of sudden change.

Nobody wants to be a nanny for the other. This is why it is important that our travel companion is an independent person. Traveling together does not mean having to carry out any activity together. If the person accompanying us is autonomous and is able to adapt, it will take a lot of weight off our shoulders.

The economic availability must be similar

Unless you have enough money to have no spending limits, it  is advisable that your partner has a similar financial availability to ours. Otherwise, differences may arise or one of the two may have to sacrifice for the other, which is not always pleasant.

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The ideal is to be able to divide the expenses and maintain a balance, unless otherwise agreed from the beginning. It doesn’t have to be an exact math equation, but it’s good that both travelers bear the costs fairly. It is good to define this theme right away, before starting the journey.

Similar or, in any case, compatible interests

This is a very relevant aspect for everything to go as it should, that is, well. The tastes and interests of both must be similar.  And if they are not, at least they must not be mutually exclusive, otherwise the journey could be a torture for one or both of them.

When lifestyles and interests are very different, tension and / or conflict will be the order of the day. As much as we propose to adapt to the differences of the travel companion, certainly there will be moments in which they will be heavy and annoying. It is obvious that one should not be the same in everything, but neither should they be opposites.

Vitality and similar pace 

Sometimes the degree of intensity with which one imagines the journey does not coincide. Some prefer to stay late in bed and take their time to plan for the day. Others, on the other hand, want to take advantage of every moment, right down to the last second, even at the cost of getting tired or getting very little rest.

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It is important to agree on timetables. Forcing the other to be more passive or more active is very annoying. We ourselves must know the degree of tension / fatigue with which we usually visit a place. On the other hand, it is certainly positive that the traveling companion has a similar rhythm to his own, so that we can support and complement each other instead of clashing.

We must always remember that every person has strengths and weaknesses. The ideal travel companion does not exist, or at least not if we are not  patient on occasion. There will always be aspects in which the two travelers differ and, for this reason, before leaving with a person, it is worthwhile to discuss the issues we have listed and reach an agreement. If we are too different, we can make the trip alone or with someone who is more “compatible” or who travels with interests more similar to ours.

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