What Can Trees Teach Us About Achieving Happiness?

What can trees teach us about achieving happiness?

The trees rise majestically and beautifully, nourished by strong roots. They are not afraid of storms, they are the connection with the Earth and, instead of resisting changes, they abandon themselves to the cycles of nature with serenity and complacency. It is enough to observe their solemn silence to scrutinize all the magical wisdom.

Robert Graves, in his unforgettable book The White Goddess , says that trees have a character very similar to that of man, but that there is something more mystical, more balanced, more peaceful and even more noble about them. Not so long ago, on social networks, a topic of discussion arose precisely along this line, which has even become a viral phenomenon.

We are talking about the concept of “shy trees”. The name alone immediately attracted the attention of millions of users on Twitter . After a while, biologists and naturalists decided to investigate this idea, known in botany with the name of “shyness of the foliage” and referred to a curious natural phenomenon, discovered in the 1950s, as unusual as it is fascinating.

In tropical woods, characteristic for their leafiness, the trees tend to grow very close to each other; however, some species never touch each other. They leave a space between them to the point of creating fascinating openings, subtle openings from which the light enters in a delicate balance, creating a wonderful environment.

The roots of trees move in search of nourishment

Trees are not shy and their movements leave nothing to chance. In reality they are incredibly wise and therefore it is worth learning from them in an intimate and thoughtful way. For example, nowadays forest therapy practices or the classic “baths in nature” are very much in vogue. In addition to the simple fact of walking in a forest or hugging a tree, we must keep in mind a much more natural and satisfying aspect: understanding nature in order to imitate it.

  • When we talk about the roots of a tree, we immediately think of something motionless, iron, stationary. So much so that we often share our roots with the family bond that defines and determines us.
  • This idea is not entirely true. In reality, trees strategically move their roots in search of nourishment, the best foods with which to grow, flourish and expand.
  • The tree food harvesting strategies are amazing; some even extend the filaments of their roots long distances to satisfy their needs.

We too have a right to do so. Search our path, explore new perspectives, travel better itineraries in search of what we want, want or need in a given moment.

No tree is alike, each one tells a story

The circles of the trunk of a tree tell us something more than the simple biological age of this being that rises imposing and magnificent in the middle of the forest, of the fields, of a mountain. Dendrochronology is able to read the history and a whole life of deficiencies and overruns of a tree: dry seasons, years of heavy snow, the impact of plagues, fires, etc.

  • We too bear inner marks, scars and wounds. We too grew up in the midst of adversity, and each of these difficult times made us unique and exceptional.
  • Each person is magical thanks to his essence, to his life that stands out in the middle of the vast and chaotic wood; each person has his leaves, caressed by the sun and moved by the wind; each person has his own signs, which he must take care of in silence, and extensive roots and long branches that serve as a shelter for someone else or which serve to grow even more, until they touch the sky.

Trees and their patient cycles

Bamboo spends its first 7 years growing “downward”, expanding its roots silently, wisely, calmly and correctly. After that, an amazing thing happens: in a few months it grows more than 30 meters. He is tall, flexible, resilient and is considered to be one of the most fascinating beings in the kingdom of nature.

Everything in nature has its cycle and if there is someone who is an expert in time, that someone is the trees. We, on the other hand, are the most impatient beings on the planet: we demand quick solutions, quick successes, immediate reinforcements and recyclable pleasures.

None of this makes sense in the world of nature. A tree does not know frustration, but it knows patience as it invests in its inner growth, in the observation of the present, in waiting for the germination of seeds, in the search for better nourishment.

Learn from the trees, be inspired by the wisdom of their cycles, by their respectful language. In their world, everything has its moment, everything happens and everything stops happening, and nothing and nobody neglects either himself or others. Because we are all part of a perfect balance, of an ecosystem in which affection, consideration and respect should always conquer and nourish all our roots, to allow us to live together in perfect harmony.

Just like shy trees …

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