What Smart People Do When They Are Not Accepted

What smart people do when they are not accepted

It would be nice to be surrounded by people tolerant and humble enough to recognize the intellectual superiority of those who have it, but in reality things are different. If there is one characteristic common to mediocre people, it is their ability to belittle and humiliate those they feel they are inferior to, as if to avoid a threat, as if humiliating those with great virtues made them more intelligent.

On the other hand, we must be honest: being intelligent in a mediocre context is a misfortune like many others . But those who are truly intelligent need not prove that they are superior to others. Indeed, the way of dealing with these cases can say a lot about itself.

Beyond the politically correct, to survive mediocrity, it is necessary to accept oneself and understand that it is useless to provoke others. It is not a question of being foolish in order to be accepted by the masses – although this method can be effective in going unnoticed and not being overwhelmed by the anger of those who feel threatened by you. In fact, if you are really smart, you could take advantage of such circumstances without offending anyone or being offended.

Smart people accept that everyone doesn’t like them

We are not made to please everyone. Intelligence does not transform us into pleasant or indispensable people,  much less into good people. Smart people don’t fall into the trap of thinking that being smart makes them better people or automatically grants them everyone’s consent.

Your ideas, your aspirations, your dreams, your knowledge or your values ​​can offend many people. This will make you more competitive people and highlight the inferiority of others – but that doesn’t mean you have to change.


An intelligent person is able to recognize and accept that he cannot please anyone  and, consequently, does not allow himself to be offended or will try to defend himself in the face of those who do not understand him. He recognizes that people who don’t like it don’t do it maliciously, but simply because they are different from him / her, and accepts it.

Smart people ignore or shun those they don’t like

Accepting that there are people who don’t like you doesn’t mean trying to incorporate them into your world. Intelligent people recognize people they are not accepted by, and spontaneously decide not to interact with them. Intelligence doesn’t mean accepting whatever comes your way.

Courtesy and exigency are not mutually exclusive. Intelligent people, in fact, tend to treat everyone with kindness, regardless of the antipathy they feel towards a particular person or how unpleasant or offensive their attitudes are. By doing so, they help avoid future misunderstandings.

Sometimes,  having to be courteous means bite the bullet, sometimes even playing dumb. It can actually be considered a strategy that denotes intelligence, since it serves to avoid unpleasant situations that would lead nowhere. It can even be taken as a real intellectual and emotion control challenge.

Smart people focus on themselves

In order to mask their incompetence or in an attempt to appear smarter, some people invest their energies by disturbing or humiliating those who appear or have been shown to be smarter. While this practice is particularly frustrating, it is smart people who can handle that frustration.

To do this, regardless of how irritating some people may be and without defending themselves from offense in public, intelligent people focus on themselves, on who they are, on their values. The goal is not to safeguard oneself from others, but from oneself.


Furthermore, intelligent people  try to trace the factors that trigger non-acceptance attitudes in other attitudes, so as not to risk provoking them. In this way, they are able to prevent unpleasant situations and mitigate them, sometimes even changing their reaction. The smart know that it is easier to change one’s perception, habits or behavior than to ask another to be a different person.

Smart people stop and take a deep breath in the face of inconvenience

When faced with situations where they are not accepted, rather than reacting violently, intelligent people are able to stop and breathe deeply, without getting carried away by anger or negativity. By doing so, they do not risk being harmed by the attitudes of others.

Taking a break and breathing deeply helps to control the rise in adrenaline levels present in the body in such situations, entering the conditions suitable for maintaining a conversation or moving on. Breathing deeply helps to control overreactions and to keep an open mind, as well as a positive and light attitude.

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