When No Emotion Is Expressed, The Heart Hurts

When an emotion is not expressed, the heart hurts

There is no one capable of looking at themselves and seeing the void in themselves, because even the void has a base within us. We are full of people, moments, tiny details that make us who we are every day. 

All these little, big things have made us strong in some moments of our life, even the shortcomings: because there are people who live full of shortcomings. However, we are also full of emotions, which are bad and if they are not expressed, they do not allow the heart to move forward.

Make yourself heard, get rid of what hurts you

If there is anything that differentiates us from the rest of the animals, it is the ability to speak. The word, in addition to being the most distinctive and expressive tool we possess, is also, at times, the best cure for our inner self. Speaking means giving voice to what we hear.  

In this sense, one of the things that will always make us feel better is being grateful for the opportunity we have to speak out loud, to show what hurts us, to bring it out and make it go away. Expressing what we feel is a way to free ourselves.  

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As we do when we buy a one-way ticket: the expression of our feelings is the way out for everything that does not allow the heart to be happy.  

Wearing armor will only make you stronger in appearance

When life closes some doors for us, we lose the reins of who we are,  and the only way to recover them again is to make ourselves heard, to shout if necessary.

Sometimes we cry, we suffer and even come to hate ourselves. As if we were to blame for being blocked and there was something stronger than us, which forces us to shut up and move on: we don’t know how to define it well, but it is there.

Because as we say in the title, when pain is not expressed, the heart hurts. It hurts because everything continues to stay inside us, as if we have pins in our hands, and every time we touch, we prick ourselves.

However, we do not realize that we have an “invincible summer” inside, an “I can” that anything can. We forget that a person’s heart needs to get some air every now and then, it needs the windows to be open, to be heard, to be treated and heated.

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The smile that is most difficult to express is that of the soul

When we keep the heart from closing in on itself, and open up to other people and the world, we feel relieved and experience progressive satisfaction. We will experience a feeling of pleasure that will prompt us to act this way again.

As you begin to progress little by little, you will see a smile draw on your face.  This smile, you know better than anyone else, has required great sacrifices; but now it’s better than any other. It required tears and a lot of personal effort.

You have let the dark colors come out of your soul and when this occurs, you can see the rainbow again. Like when it rains, because it has to rain for the sky to show its best version.

In other words, the smile that is most difficult to express is that of the soul, because if it does not emerge, there is something inside us that prevents us from existing with all our essence. When you smile, you will discover that you should love each other and that the world is meant to be enjoyed, without limits and with storms.

Images courtesy of Kathy Hare, Lana Wynne, Sabine Pieper

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