Working To Create And Working To Consume

Working to create and working to consume

We consider ourselves lucky because we can work and, consequently, because we have an economic availability that allows us to meet our most urgent needs. At the end of the month, we receive our salary, but the money disappears quickly, as if it were blown away. We begin to wonder if the work we do really satisfies us. 

It is not necessary to wear chains on your feet. Every month we can turn into slaves, who work only for money,  to consume and not to create. The worst thing is to discover that even though you work for money, you never have it. Money is an illusion that vanishes as fast as it arrives.

The situation becomes disturbing: every 15 or 30 days (depending on your contract), the vicious circle is repeated: working, receiving a salary, paying the expenses and always running out of business. In the meantime, you start to feel frustrated, anxious, and eventually your self-esteem pays the price for all of this.   

There seems to be no remedy for the situation; however, at the same time, a question spontaneously arises: do you live or survive with the work you do? You yourselves have the answer, the problem is that you do not visualize it because you are carried away by daily commitments. The solution lies in changing mentality.


Work: a necessary evil?

One must live on something: this is a truth that cannot be questioned. Well, now the question might be: is it possible to love your job? The answer is yes,  even if maybe the job you do now is not the one of your dreams. If you think that this will not be the work you will do all your life and that will serve you as an experience, for sure you can do it without feeling guilty.

It is important that your new mindset is to broaden your objective horizons. For this purpose, it is to study what you like best, learn a trade that interests you, develop an art in which you feel identified or, in any case, buy the necessary tools so that your work is not just a way to earn money. , but a means that allows you to grow and develop your potential.

If you work for a company and, at the end of the month, you realize that you have received much more than just a salary, you are in the right place. If, on the other hand, you believe it is time to find your path, take flight and use the tools you have created for yourself to undertake the job you want on your own. The bravest goals do not have a smooth path, but we must, at the very least, try to reach them.   


In this way you will have more opportunities and you will not be nailed to a chair that guarantees you ephemeral security. You can also make your work a space in which to self-know and self-realize yourself. You will leave the circle of working to consume and enter the logic of working to create. Always remember that things start to get better when you change your mind. 

Build your blueprint for life

Have you already wondered what you want to do in your life?  Your motivation to build a future project will have to start from there. The first thing to do is to analyze the tools at your disposal. This means knowing what you can do, how much you are willing to learn and how to face the challenges of a society that demands competition.

You also need to prioritize. For this reason, we present, or remind you (in some cases), of Maslow’s theory of the classification of human needs. At the base of the pyramid we find the “primary or physiological needs”  (breathing, eating, drinking, reproducing, sleeping).


The next step includes “security needs”  (housing, education, transportation, social security, asset protection). The third, on the other hand, concerns “social needs” (friendship, family, participation, approval).

There is a fourth level, represented by the “need for esteem” (the high esteem which has to do with respect for oneself, and the low one, which has to do with respect for others as persons). The cusp of the pyramid represents the “need for self-realization” or one’s maximum potential.  

We can take this classification model or draw up a personal one, which will always be better, as it will adapt to our own characteristics. In any case, you need to be clear about your priorities, because they will help us forge our path in an effective way with regard to any life project.

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