You Are Not What You Get, You Are What You Surpass

You are not what you get, you are what you overcome

Sometimes we believe in the false belief that you have to accumulate results in life . People set short-term and long-term goals almost every day, and that’s a good thing, without a doubt. As much as waking up every morning with motivation and enthusiasm, there is no question .

We like to reach our goals and show that we are capable of doing things: get that job, that promotion, buy that house, that car, win that person. We weave the threads of our life and we build it with small and big results. Well, is it all that we have achieved during our lifetime that defines us?

Many will say that this is indeed the case. Despite this, there is something that is worth more than the ability to get things. Guess what it is? The ability to overcome oneself. The ability to overcome what we consider painful, becoming even stronger.

Today we talk about this, we want to better understand this interesting and fundamental ability.

The difference between reaching and overcoming

First we need to differentiate the ability to achieve from personal overcoming. To explain ourselves better, we report simple phrases that define what usually constitutes the will to achieve, the dimension that is currently valued by this so competitive company:

– The ability to achieve is the effort and what a person is willing to invest in achieving a goal.

– Generally it is a personality who has very clear his desires and needs and who has fought for them, keeping the expectations of achievement high.

– Requires perseverance and tenacity.

– One establishes one’s daily life through objectives to be fulfilled, revealing an implicit personal need.

– People with a high ability to achieve goals are usually successful in the workplace.

These are certainly very positive aspects, they increase our self-esteem and significantly strengthen the perception we have of ourselves. Can we say that it is precisely the ability to obtain results that defines a person in the best way? Is it really enriching?

Sometimes it is said that the real strength, the real courage of a person is his ability to overcome adversity  or even more, to overcome his fears, his limits, those that only we know. This personal effort is often much more satisfying than achieving a goal.

personal overcoming

The pillars of personal overcoming

You are not what you get, you are what you overcome. Now tell us, what have you been through in your life? We are sure that you have overcome many situations, that you have faced numerous difficulties with integrity, those that now define you as you are, as you see yourself in front of the mirror, with all those internal scars that only you feel.

Now let’s see what aspects build this instinctive ability that many of us have to overcome those everyday “walls” that life sometimes gives us.

1. Positive attitude

Having a positive attitude is essential to overcome any difficulty. Maintaining integrity and hope gives us the strength to be courageous and to have confidence in ourselves.

2. Coping

Those gaps, problems, threats or losses that we have to fight against are enemies to deal with, but never to be avoided. Brace yourselves, trust yourself and face them, never run away or avoid problems.

3. Resilience

We have talked to you about resilience on numerous occasions in our space, so much so that we already know that you put it into practice in everyday life. It doesn’t matter how traumatic, complicated or devastating the event is, because from any difficult situation we can learn a lesson and come out stronger than before. There is nothing more enriching than overcoming any stressful or threatening situation through resilience.

4. Self-esteem

How would you define self-esteem in a simple and at the same time practical way? Self-esteem is a scale on which trust and self-respect are found, the will to live and be happy with what you have and what you deserve. We are sure you agree.

5. Positive emotions

Positive emotions make us blossom and at the same time ground us to reality through empathy, love, balance, well-being and emotional intelligence.

All these dimensions are the seeds with which to germinate your ability to overcome, one of the most enriching abilities of the human being. Put them into practice!

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